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Childhood Immunisation

Children are immunised by the practice nurse. During the initial registration, parents are asked to bring the red books so that we can photocopy the pages and enter the data on the system. In case the red book is not available, parents may bring immunisation data from their country if available. The practice cannot translate vaccinations given in other languages, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could get it translated from other sources to facilitate your child’s registration with the practice.

At the Lea Surgery we do not have set immunisations clinics. The only regular clinics are the new baby clinics which happen weekly. This is jointly run by the Health Visitor, Practice Nurse and the GP. For other immunisations children and parents can book at their convenience with the Practice Nurses. The practice does not routinely send out letters informing parents when their child is due for immunisations. The date of the next immunisation is normally written down by the Practice Nurse in the red book during the previous immunisation. Parents are advised to bring the Red Book with them at all immunisation appointments. Kindly note that all details of immunisations that their children need is in the red book. Please take the time to read it.

External Information

For a comprehensive NHS immunisation schedule visit NHS Choices website.

At present the immunisation schedule for children is: